After a sold out grand opening last month, Saturday April 23rd sees Justin Paul & Caparro return to the Lincoln Speakeasy. The Lincoln Speakeasy is the Westside's most intimate venue, fully licensed members bar, lounge, club & fine dine night spot. Unique to most venues for late night activity, it comes complete with hidden craft cocktails, exceptional fine dine bites and features some of LA”s best local and international underground artists, musicians & DJ's/Music producers.. The unmarked establishment has a strict invitation only door policy. Attendees must first RSVP or be members, upon which the exact address is later revealed. Safety, quality and customer service are paramount in providing its patrons with a home feel experience.Upon your RSVP All updates will be conducted privately via email or text message. The Lincoln Speakeasy is a sophisticated alternative to your average dingy, dark, warehouse after hours.Unlike other social nightspots, the Lincoln Speakeasy also serves food featuring it’s superb late night menu until 3am. designed by world class chef Charles Chuck Voudouris.

Please visit our website for upcoming attractions. House Rules & Decorum:

Musical Soundscape provided by:[+] Justin Paul (Underground Sol)[+] Caparro aka Slogans Run (Family Affair – LA) annual memberships apply here: is a limited Capacity PRIVATE project.RSVP/TICKETS

Halloween Weekend Events 2016 2016-10-26

Paint your face, prep your costume, and get ready to freak out at the hottest Halloween parties in the city. October 31 falls on a Monday this year, which means that you have a whole weekend of wilding out before All Hallows Eve.    Like to do it up big? Head to the world's largest Hallo...

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