Live Music

Silverlake Lounge

Address: 2906 W Sunset Blvd
City: Los Angeles

Close Encounter is a dream pop / shoegaze band in Seattle on Look Up Records. Seattle-based band Close Encounter is chill music for aliens. They use an effectual yet melodic blend of psychedelic, catchy guitar, slow tempo beats, and introspective vocal mood to depict the dawn of a new paranormal age. Since their formation in early 2016, they’ve played the Pacific Northwest and released their debut album First Light in July 2017 on Look Up Records . Close Encounter consists of Bill Darksoft (Guitar/Vocals), Bobby Sydney (Guitar/Vocals), Cameron Lambert (Drums), and Matt Conlen (Bass).

  1. 01
    Taylor Locke & the roughs Start Me Over
  2. 02
    Taylor Locke & the roughs Los Feliz
  3. 03
    Ana Sidel Junto a Mi
  4. 04
    Hunter and The Dirty Jacks Jubilee
  5. 05