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Attention-seekers, divas, wannabe celebrities and amateur singers have a happy home at karaoke bars in Los Angeles. The city is the birthplace of porn star karaoke, VIP karaoke booths and American Idol, and you can find a diverse smattering of LA karaoke bars throughout. Discover the best karaoke bars in the world, where celebrities routinely pop up and sing-alongs start spontaneously. Polished and professional or gritty and raw; small and intimate or rowdy and loud – Los Angeles karaoke bars let you indulge your desire for attention and your need for liquid courage. Many LA karaoke bars get packed on the weekends, so arrive early and sign up quick to save your spot. Weeknights are better for beginners who want to practice, but be aware that some karaoke lounges have drink minimums or are only open select evenings. At the top of the list of karaoke bars in LA is the Brass Monkey in K-Town, a dive that gets packed with a wild crowd singing epic 80s hits. Boardwalk features 50,000 songs to choose from, The Good Night has a stripper pole and Smog Cutter is known for strong drinks. Head to The Rhyme Along for hip hop karaoke, The Gaslite for a friendly vibe or to Backstage Bar for a diverse crowd that’s usually hipster-free.

Brass Monkey
Break Room 86
Blind Dragon
Rush Cocktail Lounge
BAC Street Lounge
Shuttle Inn
Artesia Bar
The Offbeat Bar
Blvd Cocktails
Royal Lounge
The office Bar
Happa Restaurant
The Gas Lite
The Gas Lite

This divey, down-home karaoke bar is beloved by locals for its erratic nature and easygoing appeal. Enjoy the lack of pretense and order some shots for your friends.

2030 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403
KDB Club
Boardwalk 11
  1. 01
    Hunter and The Dirty Jacks Jubilee
  2. 02
    POP ETC Unravel
  3. 03
  4. 04
  5. 05
    Melanie Taylor Inta My Heart

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