Get wild and crazy at Los Globos during the Berserktown Festival, an all-ages punk and hardcore party with Iron Lung and Dawn of Humans.

Berserktown Festival 2014

Aug 15 2014

Fast, harsh, sweaty and loud - expect a take-no-prisoners attitude at the Berserktown Festival at Los Globos. Showcasing punk and hardcore bands from Los Angeles, New York City and beyond, this three-day festival is the perfect place to let loose. Dance, drink, mosh and immerse yourself in a global subculture of music, meaning and madness.

Los Globos is a chill indie venue where hipsters hang out, drink cocktails and dance. But on the weekend of August 15 through 17, this Sunset Boulevard club turns into Berserktown. This all-ages punk and hardcore music festival offers three full days of wild abandon, powerful performances and primitive exuberance. Bands from Los Angeles and around the world will showcase their heavy and abrasive sounds in an underground free-for-all. This LA punk and hardcore festival features a dynamic collection of artists. Washington's Iron Lung headlines the weekend, with a slash-and-burn style that is heavily influenced by grindcore and powerviolence. Don't miss Dawn of Humans, a NYC hardcore band known for a maniac singer and chain-wrapping their balls. Yes, those balls. The whole weekend will be a mash-up of combat boots, punk art, leather jackets, mohawks and moshing - so get ready. On Friday you'll hear Chrome, The Weirdos, Destruction Unit, Dawn of Humans, Nasa Space Universe, Bed Bugs, Haters, Pod Blotz, Dirty Work, G-Spot, Skate Laws and Crazy Joe Devola. Saturday the lineup includes Hoax, Pharmakon, A Global Threat, The Zeros, Beta Boys, ruleta rusa, Tozcos, Unicorn Hard-on, Volver, Spray Paint, Poliskitzo, Nuke Cult, Side Effects and Fumigados. Sunday's roster includes Iron Lung, Final Conflict, Wolf Eyes Green Beret, Koward, Survival, Condition, Behavior, Ausencia, Human Particle, High Functioning Flesh and Doses. Tickets are $18 per day or $45 for a three-day pass.

In Norse mythology, a berserker was a reckless warrior who fought in an uncontrollable, furious trance that was possibly drug-induced. Wearing wolf pelts instead of armor and fighting with spears, berserkers seemed to be invincible to fire and iron weapon

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Los Globos Nightclub

Address: 3040 W Sunset Blvd
City: Los Angeles

Situated in Silver Lake right on Sunset Boulevard, this huge nightclub is a popular hipster hangout. It hosts multiple events every night, including Latin dance parties, DJs, interactive shows, and themed events.

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    Ana Sidel Junto a Mi
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    Taylor Locke & the roughs Start Me Over
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    Melanie Taylor $$$$$ (Money)