If you've never been to Burning Man, if you've always wanted to go, or if you simply missed it this year, the LA Decom provides a good approximation, if only for a day, of the true playa experience.

LA Decompression 2009

Oct 03 2009

LA Decom is a party like no other in Los Angeles, and by far one of the biggest LA parties of the year. It's the annual post-Burning Man party where participants revisit the magic of the Playa, with the flavor of their own city pervading the atmosphere. Costumes and boots are still covered in that all-invasive playa dust and Decom happens soon enough after Burning Man that the burners haven’t forgotten the love felt out on the playa, and are overjoyed to play again in the comfort of their own city.

LA’s 2009 Decom was touted as the best yet, and from the line-up, it's easy to see why. There was everything from live bands, countless DJs, multiple stages, endless art projects, art cars, and even scheduled workshops about greening your lifestyle, energy, and they mysteries of the crop circles. The stand-out DJs of Decom this year were DJ Mark Zabala (Ninja Skillz) and Todd Spero (Bubble Lounge, Mal-Mart) on the Mystikal Misfits stage, and DJ Saadhu (Bass Ritual, Playa Surfers) on the Disorient Stage. These DJs have a history of sending vibe after vibe of aural energy into the crowd to keep it going all night, and Decom '09 was no exception. Dancers, fire dancers, and other performance artists swirl around you and you can’t help but get wrapped up in the total, 360 degree experience that is LA Decom, or Little Burning Man, as those who couldn’t make it to Black Rock City call it.

At LA's 2009 Decom, DMT's dancers leapt offstage to physically pull you into the performance (there’s no spectators at Burning Man!), and fire dancers like Lady Lava and Machine Candeo entranced revelers in the Lightning Temple.

Don't forget such acts like the Shimmy Sisters, who shake their hips as if there was no tomorrow, and Anna Maltese, a beautiful fire dancer who combines martial arts and fire in a graceful performance unlike anything you've seen.

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