Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, Thundercat and the club night's resident DJs top the lineup at the 2nd Annual Low End Theory Festival. Catch this cutting-edge event at the Shrine Expo and Grounds on Sa

Low End Theory Festival 2015

Aug 08 2015

Discover the freshest sounds from the future at the 2nd Annual Low End Theory Festival, which takes place on Saturday, August 8 at the Shrine Expo and Grounds. Showcasing the slicing edge of music production and performance, this groundbreaking festival features multiple stages, huge headliners, and production workshops earlier in the day. Experience performances by Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, Thundercat, the Gaslamp Killer, Teebs, Daedelus and more.

Last year's inaugural event sold out in less than 48 hours, and this year the Low End Theory Festival is back and bigger than ever. Moving to a much larger venue and featuring new sponsorship by Goldenvoice, the underground festival is being hailed as one of the top parties of the summer. The Shrine Expo Hall and Grounds is the new home of the forward-thinking festival, which showcases the finest experimental beat music, instrumental hip hop, rap and cutting-edge electronica. Low End Theory is a weekly Wednesday night gathering that takes place in Lincoln Heights at the Airliner. It's one of the world's epicenters of fresh sounds and bold experimentation. Los Angeles is a hot bed - and the home - of the phenomenon known as beat music, and the scene's key players will all be making an appearance at the event. Discover multiple stages of music, including the Brainfeeder stage, and listen to the talented producers, musicians, singers and rappers who are pushing forward the future of music. Headliners include Brainfeeder label head Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt of Odd Future fame, and bass guitar virtuoso Thundercat. Also on hand will be the five resident performers of the Low End Theory club night: boss man Daddy Kev, DJ Nobody, D-Styles, Nocando and the Gaslamp Killer. Other notable artists to watch for are Daedelus, Teebs, Jonwayne, Ras G, Nosaj Thing, Samiyam, Astronautica, and Alix Perez and Eprom. This one's for the music heads - the Low End Theory Festival.

The Low End Theory community is all about creating new sounds and fresh beats, and you can go to production workshops starting at 2PM, before the festival begins. Get there early to learn about beat making from the masters of the game.

Events at the Shrine Expo offer a few different levels of ticket prices, which correspond to different places in the venue. Save money with the cheapest cover, or spring for the top level tickets - and the best spot to watch the show.

Shrine Auditorium

Address: 665 W Jefferson Blvd
City: Los Angeles