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Wonderfully strong margaritas, tasty Mexican tacos, and the ideal people watching perch- Te'Kila embodies the ultimate south of the border hangout right here in the heart of Hollywood.

The heart of Hollywood is always thumping to a pretty steady beat. This means that only best venues stand out among the murmur. Te'Kila definitely holds its own amidst the scene on Hollywood Boulevard. An excellently decorated Mexican restaurant and bar, this spot knows just how to get your attention- with the perfectly crafted mixed drink and the most delectable (and cheap) tacos.


6541 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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Mexican bar in Los Angeles

It's common knowledge that nothing goes down quite as smooth as the perfect margarita after a long day’s work. Taking up some prime real estate on Hollywood Boulevard, Te'Kila is a true Mexican joint set up right in the thick of the neighborhood's craziest/best area. Unlike other hokier Mexican joints in this corner of L.A., Te'Kila takes some serious pride in really bringing out the best of Mexican culture. Decorated with different rustic pieces that look like they just fell off a dusty truck as it crossed over the border, Te’Kila has got all the makings of an excellent Mexican restaurant. Even better than their atmosphere, however, is what’s actually inside. Just as you hope when you walk in the door, the food (think fresh tacos and warm burritos) is supremely delicious and the mixed drinks are crafted to perfection. Boasting all sorts of takes on the classic margarita, this spot certainly knows how to toe the line between Angeleno inventiveness and Mexican tradition. Te’Kila has also got a pretty great happy hour that attracts all sorts of people (usually within the 20-35 year range) looking for some awesome grub on a budget. This means you will usually find clusters of girls prepping for a girls’ night out, or dudes banding together lining up shots to get the evening started. You’ll occasionally run into the odd couple/date here and there, but this spot is truly designed for groups of people that like to get the party started. As the night wears on, it gets more and more crowded, which means whoever showed up early to snag a bar stool or a booth is definitely the envy of all the latecomers. And while you will definitely see your fair share of people clinging to Coronas, those in the know order what this place is famous for: tequila. Not only can you get great tequila here, you have your pick of over 150 different types of the amber colored stuff. If you don’t know a lot about the drink, their staff can always make a suggestion to get you on the right track. With their stocked liquor cabinet, and the amazing things coming out of their kitchen, don’t think twice about heading over to Te'Kila this weekend.

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Most people praise Te'Kila for their stellar nightlife evening setup, but as a restaurant they are also open for breakfast. This spot definitely knows how to wrap up a delightfully tasty breakfast burrito. This, of course, makes it the ideal place to cure

Like most Hollywood bars, this place has a happy hour. But, they're usually rocking other deals on top of that on different days of the week (like Taco Tuesday which boast $1 tacos). So, check out their social media sites and see what’s what before you head over.

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