The Kooks

Genre Indie Rock
City Brighton
Country England


Billed as an independent/reggae band, The Kooks infuse power pop cords with danceable beats that you can't help but tap your toes to, or play your massive air guitar in the privacy of behind closed doors. Fresh off the heels of a worldwide tour that takes them to all places sold out, the scruffy haired boys return to what will surely be hysteria not seen since, well, the last time they were in town. I am reminded of the mighty Cheap Trick or even raucous times four, The Strokes, as i watch these lads from the UK play to the throngs of screaming girls and unimpressed boyfriends holding their drinks in the corner wishing they'd learned to play guitar. You have to be impressed with the length of the touring these boys do, as well as their energy level.

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