Genre Rock
City Los Angeles
Country USA


Former Swiss District Court Judge Kicked Off Bench for Being In A Rock Band Has The Last Laugh !

The story is straight from a graphic novel, or perhaps a cable television series or even a Victor Hugo novel...


The drama takes place in Neuchâtel, a city in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, beginning with a young law school graduate named Nick. After finishing law school, Nick took a break before going into practice and traveled to Los Angeles to study his other passion, music; graduating with a degree in bass guitar from LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy).


After graduating from LAMA, he returned to Neuchâtel to practice law, and before long he was elected to serve as a district court judge. As is the case in many European countries, instead of being elected by a public vote, judges in Switzerland are elected by a board of local parliament members who are in charge of appointing the local judges. Judges serve for a number of years before being considered for re-election. Nick was relatively young when he was elected, and served diligently for 7 years of his term, dispensing justice and upholding Swiss law efficiently and effectively from his judge’s bench.

However, as time for his review for re-election neared, the members of the judicial election board were informed by some of his peers that Magistrate Nick had an evil, dark secret, one that they all agreed was so insidious, so offensive, that they confronted him and demanded that he give up this activity if he wanted to continue being a judge. Nick, when told that he must make a choice between his career as a judge, and this other "life", responded that he would not compromise his personal freedom and refused to give up this scandalous activity. As a result he was not re-elected, and lost his seat on the judicial bench.



What was this deep, dark secret, this other "life" that his fellow judges and the local politicians found so heinous, so insidious, and so offensive that they demanded he give it up?

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