Taylor Locke & the roughs

Genre Rock
City Los Angeles
Country US
Years active 2009
Website http://www.tlatr.com/


Taylor Locke and the roughs will go down in my book as one of the best bands to see at sxsw this year. from their sexually fueled "jennifer" to the homage to all things la in "los feliz" Taylor Locke has mastered the art of guitar driven power pop and his band played showcase after showcase trying to prove it too. we caught up with the band at the red eye fly in austin just as the band was about to take control of the stage and watched the crowd, already filled to the gills with music, scramble to catch every word and guitar lick from Locke as he powered through the show as if being chased by the devil himself to rock...or roll. please check out taylor on the road now before you wish you had later. - Guilian Jones

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