Cirez D

Genre Electronic
City LA
Country United States


Dark, pulsating beats and Machiavellian synths are the hallmark of Cirez D, the deep techno alias of Swedish producer and DJ Eric Prydz. With a style that reflects the very essence of the techno genre, Cirez D is performing at a number of highly acclaimed parties this fall. He's also giving his fanbase a new release on Mouseville Records: Ruby. 

This ten-minute immersion into fractured, feral techno features ominous synth lines and rapid percussion. With an after-party and warehouse appeal, this heavy-breathing track provides the perfect late-night vibe for dance floors that need a dose of energy. Cirez D as Eric Prydz is a busy producer who also runs the record labels Pryda, Pryda Friends and Mouseville. Based in Los Angeles, his fans include the venerable Pete Tong of the BBC Radio 1. Recently Cirez D played the legendary stage of New York City's Madison Square Garden alongside the world's largest indoor hologram. The show incorporated 32 lasers and a 20-meter hologram, along with a slew of unreleased material from Cirez D. Soon the performance artist will showcase his dance floor-mangling music at a sold-out Halloween show at Sound, an intimate underground venue in Los Angeles. You can also catch him at HARD's Day of the Dead festival, where he is co-hosting the Mau5ville stage with deadmau5. - Shilo Urban

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