Kim Kline

Genre Pop
City Santa Monica, CA
Country US
Years active 8


Kim Kline is a performer that bursts with enthusiasm, talent and power. Watching Kline you can hear Linkin Park, Chilli Peppers and even Coldplay inspired melodies, a strange mix, but somehow is works very well indeed.

The tiny singer ("I'm 5'4 on a good day") owned the stage undeniable with power and hard work. Kline is a performer that will come off stage with the sweat you want to see from a singer. Writing all the songs herself, being recently nominated 'Best Female Vocalist' in the 2007 LA Music Awards, and her debut single 'Inside' going nationwide next week, their is a certain buzz about this singer.

Kline is an artist that must be seen live, she really demonstrates the epitome of rock pop, she has crashing guitar, heartbeat racing drums but being beautiful with long blonde straightened hair she could easily be mistaken for something she isn't. With enough energy to fill the room and half of Sunset Blvd. Kline slams her 4 inch heeled boots to every beat and as she grabs the guitarist's shirt and sings against key at times, it works beautifully to create sounds that you feel like you could listen to as you smash the windows of an ex's car.

Kim Kline is versatile, which makes her do well what she does best. An acoustic set calls, her voice being the type you try to sing a long to, but never quite manage to duplicate. It's dramatic, emotional, and not overly trained.

Kline really is an A+ pop rocker with a spontaneous, intense, yet professional performance. Kline doesn't need to hold a guitar and try and play repetitive chords, like so many singers in Kline's genre do. She is far too good a singer and someone with plenty of hypnotic stage presence to have to pretend.

As Kim Kline tugged at her tattooed covered bassist's baseball cap during 'Gotta Let It Go', you realize she can hold her own against the competitive solo female pop rock acts. Keep your eyes open for this girl from Texas because her terribly sweet demeanor has a little bit of hot poison tucked underneath to ensure she is sticking around. - Pauline

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