Foo Fighters

Genre Alternative Rock
City Los Angeles


The first thing that comes to mind when i heard that stadium rockers, the foo fighters, were playing a surprise set at stubbs during sxsw was, why? the band that has and continues to sell millions of albums, packs arenas worldwide and are grammy darlings still has the same drive that micheal jordan, lance armstrong, bill gates and countless winners have. say what you will about the band after 16 years, but they are driven, motivated and still exited about music. that's the good news. that's also the bad news for any newcomers hoping to win fans during sxsw. these guys are pros and they prove it every frickin' day by showing up early and staying long after the new kids on the block have left for happy hour. the foo fighters played a 2 hour set that left the sxsw crowd drenched in sweat and pure joy and they loved every minute of it. it was tight like a well oiled machine and loose and sexy like a jazz band after hours. Setlist: Bridge Burning - Rope - Dear Rosemary - White Limo - Arlandria - These Days - Back & Forth - A Matter of Time - Miss the Misery - I Should Have Known - Walk - All My Life - Times Like These - My Hero - Learn to Fly - The Pretender - Stacked Actors - Monkeywrench - Everlong - Best of You - This is a Call. this is what the best in the business does even when they don't have to, and that's why they are still the best damn band in the world almost 20 years deep. here's to another 20 boys. - Giulian Jones

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