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Loaded proves that sometimes the most fun places are just a little rough around the edges.

Editorial Review

The Hollywood bar scene is often pigeon holed as one overflowing with glitz and glamour. But Loaded turns all that on its head, and reveals the awesome underbelly of the Hollywood life. If there was ever dive bar perfection, this is it. Grab your buddies and your best rock and roll leather jacket and revel in Loaded's dark excellence.

When you think you have hit the wall on how much L.A. glamour you can take, head to Loaded for a much-needed dose of Hollywood grunge. This awesome dive bar on Hollywood Boulevard serves up a perfectly distilled version of the neighborhood's golden age of rock and roll of years past. Stepping under the vintage looking "Loaded" sign illuminated with what appear to be old dressing room light bulbs, you will enter into a rocker’s paradise. The walls are lined with worn in long black leather couches seated below custom artwork, angry graffiti and black and white posters of sweaty, shirtless punk icons. Most of the patrons show up to Loaded in their best black t-shirts and ripped jeans to hear some punk rock pumping through the speakers while they order up a pitcher of Bud and pizza. Among a sea of beards and tattoos you can even see some scantily clad ladies seize the opportunity to grab hold of what can only be described as a stripper pole. When the punk playlists aren't cranking, it's probably because they have got a live show going that night. Loaded is host to a humble stage that often supports rock and roll groups playing their fingers off to small but raucous crowds. If you would rather have your punk night with a little less chaos, you can always chill out on their outdoor patio facing the famous boulevard (as long as you don't mind the cloud of smoke). There people sip on their whiskeys and trade stories with friends while occasionally engaging in some people watching. Wherever you choose to post up for the night in this rough and tumble bar, make sure you bring your rock attitude with you.

Interesting Facts

This place will definitely satisfy your craving for some Hollywood grunge, but it can also quench your desire to see some sick rock bands. With a small stage setup, Loaded has been known to cram in the crowds for some intimate rock shows. Among a sweaty t


This might very well be the longest happy hour in Hollywood. Going strong for a full seven hours (yup, you heard that right), there is no better place to grab yourself a hot cheesy pizza and a pitcher of cold beer. Oh, and for hump day they crank it up a notch with Whiskey Wednesdays where you can indulge in $4 whiskeys from 7pm all the way up until last call.


6377 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

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