Wine House Kitchen

2311 Cotner Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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Cocktail Bars

Oldfields Liquor Room

  • Culver City

People take their drinks seriously these days, and Oldfield's makes sure that liquor aficionados have a place to call their own. Serving up stiff drinks with things like jalapeno honey, Creole shrub, and produce straight from the local farmer's market, this old-timey Westside bar knows how to keep the locals happy and coming back for more each night. View


  • Los Angeles

For anyone that needs a change from the traditional bar scene, all you have to do is visit Sassafras this weekend. After visiting this Southern style themed saloon you will leave with a renewed sense of hope for all that Hollywood has to offer. This place is guaranteed to make you remember just why so many people love Los Angeles - the awesome places you can only find in this town. View

Seven Grand

  • Los Angeles

With dark woods, animal heads and an upscale vibe that evolves into a party as the evening progresses, Seven Grand is a downtown whiskey bar and lounge. Sometimes sophisticated and sometimes rowdy, this hipster hangout offers an excellent range of whiskeys and scotch, fresh seasonal cocktails and a cool party vibe. View

The Varnish

  • Los Angeles

With an unmarked door, dark environment and strong artisan cocktails, The Varnish might as well be a speakeasy straight out of the 1920s. Located behind Cole's restaurant in the historic core of downtown LA, The Varnish offers a low-key lounge environment along with customized cocktails and a classy crowd. View