Rockaholics Wednesdays

Skinnys 4923 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA, United States


Wed Dec 6

Every Wednesdays

Jump on stage and unleash your inner rock star at Rockaholic Wednesdays at Skinny's Lounge.

Skinny's Lounge is the place to be on Wednesday nights if you're into the hard rock scene. Cheap drinks, a good crowd and karaoke with a live metal band are all waiting for you at Rockaholics Wednesdays. The stage is open to anyone who can sing, play guitar, slap the bass or pound on the drums and the band knows all the greatest rock hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Hard rockers will feel right at home from the moment they walk through the doors of Skinny's Lounge. A gritty, dimly lit bar is the ideal setting for Rockaholics Wednesdays. Hosted by DJ Skum Love, the night serves as a tribute to all the great rockers who have paved the way for metal. The bar has a variety of cheap drink specials and before the show you can lounge around listening to your favorite rock tunes but as soon as the band hits the stage everyone makes their way to the front of the room. Be warned, this is definitely not your usual brand of karaoke. People don't come out to drunkenly sing along to the hit singles they hear over and over again on the radio. You won't find any Katy Perry or Bruno Mars here. Instead you'll find Rage Against The Machine and The Sex Pistols. People go to rock out and escape the confines of mainstream music. The house band jams on stage while DJ Skum Love energetically serves as the master of ceremonies. Any aspiring singer, drummer, bassist or guitarist can join the band on stage and play along with the more experienced musicians. It's karaoke with a twist. There is no backing track and there are no lyrics to read along with. Everything is live, which makes the show feel more like a concert than anything else. It's loud, it's raw, it's pure unadulterated rock & roll. - Pablo Chacon Alvarez

Interesting Facts

The hard rock scene is a tightly knit group and word on the street is some pretty famous rockers like to frequent Skinny's Lounge for Rockaholics Wednesdays. You never know when you might get lucky and catch one of your favorite musicians on stage.


This should probably go without saying but it can get really loud in there so if you've got sensitive ears you might want to rip off the corners of a napkin and stuff them in your ears. This will muffle the sound a little but you'll still be able to hear



4923 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA, United States

With belly dancing and burlesque shows, this swanky, 70s-themed lounge feels like the real deal. Located in NoHo, the unassuming dive bar features live music and entertainment every night. Its dark, friendly, and lots of fun.