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We're paying homage to the kings of all bars, the bars who are there for you through all your celebrations, your tears, your triumphs, and your failures. That's right, hail to the almighty dive bar. We present to you the dingiest, darkest, dirtiest, most diviest of all dive bars, in all their resplendent glory. Read on to find the best Los Angeles dive bars!


A historic Hollywood hang for the Who's Who & Who Cares.

1652 N Cherokee Ave
Hollywood, CA 90029
Shellback Tavern
Shellback Tavern

A classic dive bar, Shellback Tavern guarantees ice cold beers, a sparkling view of the Pacific and a random array of floating bar belongings.

116 Manhattan Beach Blvd
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
The Dime
Snake Pit
Five Star Bar
Crow's Cocktail
Blipsy Bar
Smog Cutter
El Potro
Thirsty Isle
Pat's II Cocktail Lounge
Shannon's Bayshore
Bac Street Lounge
Thirsty Club
Drawing Room
Poor Richard's Cocktails
Michael's Pub
Thirty Six Thirty Six Club
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    Hunter and The Dirty Jacks Break Me Down
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    Taylor Locke & the roughs Los Feliz
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