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Offering a variety of flavored tobaccos and exotic hookahs to smoke them with, Los Angeles hookah bars provide an appealing setting to relax and let your cares float away with the smoke. Most hookah bars in Los Angeles feature comfortable seating with plenty of pillows, exotic décor, dim lighting and indoor/outdoor areas where you can chill. Try tobaccos with wild names and flavors, like White Dreams, Night Queen and Dragon’s Breath. Head to Hollywood to find a proliferation of LA hookah bars. Xai Verandah Lounge is a contemporary lounge with outdoor terrace overlooking lush gardens, and it also serves brunch and a wide selection of teas. Find good vibes and chill music at Star Hookah, a friendly place where you’ll instantly feel like a regular. Open until 4AM on the weekends, Hollywood Hookah Lounge offers hookahs with house music and often gets packed with the post-club crowd. Westwood is home to two sweet hookah lounges, Habibi Cafe and Gypsy Cafe, both frequented by students from UCLA. K-Town is also a popular choice for those looking for hookah bars in LA, starting with Boba Bear – another late-night haunt open until 4AM on weekends. Antique Cafe has hookah-and-drink specials, along with shave ice and a large outdoor patio. Setting the stage with purple velvet couches and crystal chandeliers, AIO Coffee is another top hookah option.

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    Taylor Locke & the roughs Los Feliz
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    Taylor Locke & the roughs Start Me Over
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    Melanie Taylor Inta My Heart

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