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Bar Marmont

Spending an evening at the trendy yet intimate Bar Marmont needs to go to the top of your L.A. bucket list immediately - if it isn't there already.

Bar Marmont inside Los Angeles's historically mysterious Chateau Marmont is so cool it’s got its own lore. Often filled with celebrities and other such awesome people casually sipping on crafty cocktails, this tiny restaurant/bar combo is definitely the place to see and be seen on any given weekend.


8171 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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Hotel bar in West Hollywood

Driving down Sunset Boulevard, eventually you're bound to notice the nondescript sign spelling out Chateau Marmont in curvy white letters (that glow an intriguing deep orange color when the sun goes down). The sign isn’t flashing like some of the others you'll see cruising down this famous L.A. street- but that’s because it doesn’t need to be. The name says it all. For years, tourists and fresh transplants from other parts of the country (and the world) have been captivated by the small entrance shrouded in bushes underneath the iconic name. Virtually since its inception, Bar Marmont has been inspiring people of all kinds to day dream about what types of fascinatingly sensational things might be happening beyond their secret garden. Gaining its own distinct allure, luckily the venue lives up to all the hype and expectation of the esoteric glamour Los Angeles is famous for. Looking a lot like a French villa from the outside, this small bar is even more charming inside. With plush velvety red benches lining the wall, ornate white mirrors and tons of beautiful paper butterflies floating on the ceiling, Bar Marmont does its best to make everyone who steps through their door feel as though they’ve walked into a cozy magical cottage for the elite. Though diminutive in size, this spot is big in appeal, attracting all sorts of celebrities and well known people with their cool confidential vibe. Usually filled with dressed up groups of friends and dates, this place is ideal for going with people you already like (or want to get to know). The snugness of Bar Marmont is great for getting into deep conversation with someone, but not so great for meeting new people. If you are searching for somewhere to dish some gossip over a delicious gourmet dessert and a specialty cocktail, then this is the place to do it. Just make sure you can keep your focus on your date or your friends with all the celebrity sightings you’re bound to make. And don’t forget your going out shoes.

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Bar Marmont is part of the iconic Chateau Marmont hotel. Both the bar and the hotel have seen their fair share celebrities throughout the years. Some patronize the place so much they even mention it (numerous times) in song, such as Lana Del Rey.

This place definitely has a dress code standards- so dress appropriately. Though you shouldn't show up in a jean skirt, it's best not to get overly dressed up either. Try and find a middle ground- do something classic that doesn't look like you tried too hard to get glitzed up.

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