A classic dive bar, Shellback Tavern guarantees ice cold beers, a sparkling view of the Pacific and a random array of floating bar belongings.

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With direct ocean views, you will hardly notice the memorabilia covered ceiling or the 20+ televisions. This is a great place to enjoy a perfectly cold beer in-between the waves or during a beach side pub crawl.

An old veteran sailor greets you with a knowing smile. The top of the menu reads "no bad days". It's actually not a bad place to have one, if you must. The glistening ocean shines across your window seat. An abundance of hanging bar bits distracts from ceiling to table top - beach balls, surfboards, a Corona plane, a Budweiser sled, & a fake parrot to name just a few. Rounding out this array of miscellany are framed sports jerseys and a picture of the ever loved Dos Equis man! If that's not enough, jolly Christmas lights add even more sparkle. Adding a touch of locality, a mural of the Manhattan Beach Pier is painted on the inside brick wall complete with painted beer signs. It is almost hard to rest your eyes amid so much stuff, so much so that only the moving screens of the televisions will truly catch your eyes. The visual overload can put you in a daze. Bar stools at small tables and a few booths add even more to this cozy and especially casual ambiance. Perhaps from a splashy toast the night before, the scent of beer permeates the air. It's okay, we'll just be included in the celebration. It's no wonder this is a favorite spot among locals. From a quick business lunch to happy hour or late-night partying, Shellback Tavern is always inviting. Come as you are - work clothes to a bikini & flip flops, anything goes. Shellback Tavern serving "spirits and grub" is a dive bar you can pretty much fall into anytime.


There is ample street parking in Manhattan Beach, additionally there is a public lot adjacent to Shellback Tavern as well. For your information, there is no public smoking in the City of Manhattan Beach.

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