Get taken by surprise at The Gorbals, a downtown Los Angeles restaurant that serves delicious dishes inspired by Scottish and Jewish cuisine and the head-to-tail trend in a cozy and unique environment

Editorial Review

The Gorbals is a very unique restaurant found in the Alexandria hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Chef Ilan Hall serves cuisine inspired by his multi-ethnic heritage that includes exotic dishes such as eel and avocado terrine, octopus and duck hearts and tongue confit. Try adventurous dishes in a cozy atmosphere at The Gorbals, a downtown LA restaurant like no other.

Tucked away inside the Alexandria hotel on a nondescript corner in downtown Los Angeles, The Gorbals serves an interesting mix of Scottish, Jewish, Spanish and American cuisine in a rough, artsy environment. Perhaps one of the only restaurants in downtown Los Angeles with half of a roasted pig's head on the menu, The Gorbals holds true to the 'head-to-tail" trend and serves plenty of adventurous dishes, from offal and oxtail soup to chicken skin sandwiches and bacon-wrapped matzo balls. Explore new tastes and textures with The Gorbals' haggis burgers and gefilte fish 'n chips, or choose from small plates so that you can try many different dishes. Chef Ilan Hall (a Top Chef winner) was born to Scottish/Israeli parents of Eastern European descent, and his menu reflects an international sensibility that is right at home in ethnically diverse Los Angeles. Sit at one of the restaurant's communal tables if you are alone, or choose a private one for a more intimate experience. No matter where you sit, The Gorbals is a peculiar restaurant that provides a unique dining experience like no other, with menu items that you likely won't see anywhere else in LA.

Interesting Facts

An interesting name for a restaurant, The Gorbals is named after a gritty neighborhood on the south bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland where the father of Chef Ilan Hall grew up.

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