Berlin Currywurst (Closed)

Los Angeles

Beer. Outside. In a garden. In Hollywood. Enough said.

Berlin Currywurst

3827 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Editorial Review

Berlin Currywurst is bringing a little bit of Germany to good old Hollywood with their authentic brews and home style cooking served up in their isolated beer garden. Groups of friends and dates crowd around their trendy wooden picnic tables and indulge in icy cold beer, hot sausages and good conversation in this green outdoor garden.

In the middle of the hectic concrete jungle of downtown Hollywood, one bar stays above the fray of rowdy tourists and crazy street performers. Berlin Currywurst is somewhat of a hidden gem stashed away right in the thick of things off of Hollywood Boulevard on Cahuenga. This German beer garden is just about everything a beer garden enthusiast could hope for. Walking into their nondescript storefront, this unassuming little restaurant seems simply like a great place to grab a quick authentic German wiener and wash it down with a brew. But, while ordering at their counter, you will notice something far more awesome than the understated indoor area promises. Just past their open area kitchen is a glass door to their intimate beer garden. And when they say garden, they mean it. Berlin Currywurst is packed with plants of all kinds and even a mulch pathway great for walking and talking. This small beer lovers’ sanctuary filled with cool wooden tables and funky wooden chairs is inhabited by groups of all sizes chatting and enjoying a cool SoCal breeze. There, under canopies or the warm sun, 20 and 30-somethings grab their giant mason jar steins of beer and munch on an oversized pretzel while they soak up the outdoors away from all the insanity that is Hollywood. Blocked from the dirtiness of Cahuenga, this garden truly feels like the perfect spot to relax, breathe in some fresh air and get away from it all. There are enough German beers to satisfy the curiosity of novices and palate of more seasoned beer aficionados, not to mention their awesome menu of wieners and sausages (all sourced from local farms in the area). The chill atmosphere and the great selection of brews makes Berlin Currywurst the ultimate beer garden experience in Hollywood.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

The fabulous blokes that own Berlin Currywurst are actually from Germany. That means that all the fabulous German beer you guzzle down is hand picked from the most knowledgeable staff of true blue gents from Deutschland. These cold brews taste all the swe


Let's face it - a beer garden is pretty awesome at just about any time of day. Berlin Currywurst is no exception, but there is something to be said for visiting this place at night. When the sun goes down, this hidden oasis really comes to life. With awesome white string lights hung everywhere there is an added magic to this secret garden.

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