Blossom Restaurant

Los Angeles

Find great prices, a chic understated atmosphere and fresh, authentic Vietnamese dishes, noodle soups and hot teas at downtown LA restaurant Blossom on the corner of South Main Street and Winston.

Blossom Restaurant

426 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

There are many downtown LA restaurants serving noodle soup, but Blossomís fresh and authentic take on Vietnamese cuisine makes it a cut above the rest. At Blossom the pho is piping hot and as fresh as can be; choose your favorite beef, chicken, shrimp or tofu and then pile high the onions, cilantro, bean sprouts, basil, lime and chili peppers to suit your palate. When you are craving the hot and healthy Vietnamese soup, Blossom always fits the bill. But pho isnít all theyíre serving up at this Los Angeles restaurant. Appetizers come first: spring rolls, egg rolls and fritters, and then diners can choose from a selection of Vietnamese crepes, rice dishes and noodle plates such as vermicelli with grilled lemongrass steak, all cooked to order with only the freshest ingredients. For beverages, Blossom brings out a unique variety of beers from Asia and Southeast Asia, shochu, Vietnamese coffees (served with condensed milk) and even a whole young coconut. However itís the exotic and classic teas at Blossom that make the restaurant experience into something truly special. Choose from an array of blends and flavors to compliment your dessert or check out the iced bubble tea, which goes well with just about everything on the menu.

Blossom Restaurant also sells a unique variety of its teas and treats to take home as a gift for family, friends or for yourself. Find your favorite: green tea, oolong or apple cinnamon tea, and enjoy a steaming cup of Blossom anywhere you go.

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