The Britannia Pub

Santa Monica

If you're looking to grab some brews with some cool Brits, the Britannia has got you and your friends covered this weekend.

The Britannia Pub

318 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Britannia packs in all sorts of friends and sports fans each week, all angling for a stool at the bar or a seat on the patio. This is the ultimate spot to grab a pint with your crew.

Santa Monica's Britannia pub houses the perfect mix of true American sports culture, and rough and tumble British athletic sensibility. Since LA doesn't really have a huge rugby fan base, this quaint pub (a couple blocks off the promenade) is generally home to college football fans, NFL enthusiasts and even your token soccer devotees. Filled with seriously huge flat screen TVs and small wooden tables that look like an old Englishman carved them out of driftwood, the Britannia is the ultimate synergy between the US and the UK. Though it's close to the touristy part of Santa Monica, this pub is usually filled up strictly with locals and regulars that keep coming back for the location, the cheap beer and the bangers and mash. Tending to keep the same staff and patrons for years on end, this small gastropub has a little bit of that friendly "Cheers-like" atmosphere people always hope to get when they step into a bar. Game days are their busiest days, often becoming heavily congested with lots of sweaty shouting men, but the Britannia can definitely keep its own during the off season. They have plenty of karaoke nights, live bands and general merriment to keep the party going all year long. Having a decent sized outdoor patio and large open windows, this pub makes the most of its prime location, often attracting people that want to enjoy a cold pint along with the salty smell of the nearby ocean. With a jukebox always cranking out some good tunes, deliciously greasy food from the kitchen, cheap beers and even cheaper house wine, the Britannia has just about everything you could want from a British pub. Close to the beach and near and dear to locals' hearts, this adorable place is overflowing with reasons to go there this weekend.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

The Santa Monica population of British expats is so large that some even call the area "Little Britain." So, don’t worry about stepping into some cartoon version of a British pub, the Britannia is the real deal- run by Brits in the heart of the West Coa


The Britannia is a known pub for both Penn State and the Eagles. So if you plan on going during a game day, make sure to wear your colors or be prepared to be an outcast. Also plan for a big crowd of noisy, cheering blokes.

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