Cabo Cantina

8301 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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Mexican Bars


  • Los Angeles

If you and your crew are looking to get the party started this weekend, then you’ve got to hit up Te’Kila. Decked out in Mexican flare, this sultry spot offers the very best of both L.A. and Mexican culture (i.e. non stop partying and awesome food in a relaxed atmosphere). There is no better place in Hollywood to grab some grub and some blended margaritas. After work or after hours, this place is where you need to be. View

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Tequila Jacks

  • Long Beach

One of the best parts of Cinco de Mayo, or what some call "Cinco de Drinko" is the amazing social scene at well-known bars. Tequila Jack's is a Long Beach staple. Enjoy tacos, mariscos, tapas, y mas in large indoor-outdoor space overlooking the amazing Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach. View