If its ice-cold beer you want, its Stouts cozy venue you need.

Editorial Review

Stout is part of the nationwide movement to elevate beer to the status of wine, paying close attention to all the aspects that go into creating the perfect brew. Head into this pub and your taste buds will be delighted by all the awesome burger and beer pairings they design for you and your crew.

Nestled into an always hopping corner of the Cahuenga Corridor, Stout finds itself perfectly at home among its neighboring cluster of Hollywood bars. This all brick, square building is fully open on two sides, giving the space an outdoor vibe, even though you’re technically inside. Stepping into this cube, you’ll see tons of people crowded around small tables casually chatting over some cold drinks. At the center of the venue is a huge crescent shaped bar that supports over thirty kinds of beer on tap. It’s fitting that the bar is at the epicenter of Stout, as the mission of this pub is to bring their patrons the very best and interesting beers around. With a dizzying amount of beer to choose from, ordering borders on overwhelming, especially when the crew at Stout urges people to pair their gourmet burgers with the correct complimentary beer. Luckily, they make helpful suggestions in the menu itself, steering guests in the right direction. Pale ale or an IPA? Don’t worry; they’ve got you covered. And if you feel you’ve lost your footing, you can always play a little Russian roulette and just ask the bartender to bring you something they think you should drink. Exposed to the street, Stout is not only an excellent place to educate your self on the values of different brews, but it’s also a prime spot for people watching. Every night Cahuenga Blvd. comes alive with all sorts of characters bouncing between the various bars that line the street, and Stout provides a ringside seat to all the action. Attracting a young crowd (between 20-30 somethings) Stout is the place to go in Hollywood to indulge in a ridiculous burger and more beers than you probably need with some friends in a casual but still very cool atmosphere. Due to their awesome beer selection and delicious burgers, this place tends to get packed early in the night. If you are thinking of heading there tonight, make sure you go early to snag a seat at the bar, or be prepared to wait awhile for a table.

Interesting Facts

Stout takes their beer seriously (as they should), often engaging local patrons in debates about the merits of different micro brews. This is a great way to experience the best of what different regions have to offer in the beer department.


This place is all about the beer. So, if you want to seem like you know what you’re doing and maybe impress a few friends with your vast knowledge, pop over to Stout’s website for “an education” in the pairing of beer and grub.

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