The Living Room


The Living Room

6250 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Editorial Review

The W Hotel has a great little lobby/bar area called The Living Room, situated in the front of the hotel. As the alternative to Drai's nightclub upstairs, The Living Room is sufficient if you're just looking to chill in a friendly, relaxed environment. The Living Room pours strong drinks and chilling on the sleek, soft couches is a very euro-chic experience. There's a great patio area that is well-equipped with heat lamps, so even if you're visiting in the dead of winter, be sure to dress to impress. There's nothing that a few good drinks with some good friends can't cure, and their drinks are their high point. If you're ordering fancy, order the Bellini - it's unparalleled this side of Italy. If you're looking for the true club experience, you can try to get into Drai's, or you can spend a chill night at The Living Room, and feel like a relaxed million bucks.

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