Upstairs at the Ace hotel

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is essentially a place without winter, and no one takes better advantage of that than the Upstairs bar at the Ace Hotel, packing in poolside loungers all year round.

Upstairs at the Ace hotel

929 S Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, or at least above it all. Thankfully the Ace Hotel's Upstairs rooftop bar provides the ultimate summer escape for Angelenos. Boasting an interesting drink menu and a more than stellar view of the city, this breezy little spot comes with a pool, funky patrons and a super chill vibe. Grab your friends, an expensive bathing suit and head for the mimosas.

Throughout Downtown's journey to rebrand itself as the newest cool transitioning neighborhood, the area has undergone quite the metamorphosis. Where once there were only a few smatterings of bars and interesting blocks for nightlife, now there are tons of awesome places cropping up all the time. 2014's new standout bar in DTLA is Upstairs at the Ace Hotel on Broadway. Seamlessly settling right in among Downtown's other well-known spots such as Perch and the Standard, Upstairs mixes the best parts of both its predecessors: amazing views with a pool in the middle. This fresh venue takes up residence on the roof of the Ace Hotel, a newly refurbished building that combines a vintage East Coast New York feel (i.e. big black and white checkered tile in the lobby and traditional gold chairs), with all the elite hipster appeal of a Silverlake joint (i.e. smudgy pencil drawings of bears and even some patches of faux white fur on the walls). The funky/fancy vibe from the bottom floor floats all the way to the Upstairs, where (after traveling in an all black elevator) the space opens up into a large airy deck. Scattered around this ceilingless oasis are cool oak tables and cushy white linen couches filled with young artsy types in designer sunglasses lazily sipping on fruity drinks. With tons of great spots for overlooking all of Downtown, you and your crew can grab a table and enjoy the amazing view while a DJ spins some laidback electronic tunes. Beyond the deck is a bar area inside a steeple that leads to the pool. In the middle of the roof, people take a dip while they survey the landscape and admire the other delightfully sun kissed Californians relaxing in their best flip-flops and fedoras. Serving up amazing drinks alongside even better views, the Upstairs truly gives the Standard a run for its money as the ultimate summer spot.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

Though Ace just opened their doors in 2014, the building itself has a lot of history. Originally named the United Artists building, it was constructed in 1927 for a group of renegade filmmakers. The refurbishing job done by the Ace crew tries to stay clos


Though Upstairs definitely has that poolside casual vibe going, it is a rather posh poolside. This means you'll still need to dress up your lounge wear. Forget donning your standard beachwear here, you'll fit in much better if you dress up your look with stylish sunglasses and cool boat shoes or a chic swimsuit.

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