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Venice Beach Wines stands out because of its beer. They've got a stellar selection and so many brews I've never heard of, that I always get stuck in the beer menu. From the Belgian Chocolate Stout, Damnation Russian River, a handful of hefs, and pilsners, all their microbrews and all delicious - you just can't go wrong. Your best bet for food is any of their deceptively simple meat or cheese platters. But Venice Beach Wines loves food as much as they love beer. You get a plate filled with your cheese of choice, crostini, and depending on your cheese, mushrooms, garlic, greens, a variety of mustard, honey, dates, olives, and who knows what else in the candlelight.

The menu also features paninis like their delicious buffalo burger, hot pots - try their mushroom cheese hot pot. Paired with any beer, your meal is bound to be a great blend of sweet, savory, salty, and everything in between. Even though the hot pot can be a little difficult to eat with all the greens on top, the cheese and chunky fresh mushrooms beneath are worth the digging. The bar's layout is another plus. The only seating is al fresco, on benches lined against the walls, so it really gives that nice feeling of just chilling on the front porch with good beer and good friends.

Interesting Facts

if you're going with wine-drinking friend(s), order a bottle. If you're going with beer drinkers and hell raisers, order the larger sizes (22.4 or 16.9 - it's on the menu) first, then scale down and save yourself about $7. Also, know your beers/wines and

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