When people talk about being on top of the world, it's fair to say they're talking about being at Yamashiro.


1999 N Sycamore Ave
Hollywood, CA 90069

Usually when places claim to have great views, it really means that select tables get great views while everyone else is relegated to craning their heads to catch a glimpse of something enticing. This is most definitely not the case at Yamashiro. With smart stadium seating and floor to ceiling windows, this nighttime destination is the ultimate place to go to feel like you're seeing L.A. for the first time.

The amazing views from the Hollywood Hills are usually reserved for the elite. Unless you're involved in the summer's next big blockbuster, chances are you're left to lustily wonder what it would be like to peer out an all glass wall of windows onto the sparkling city below. But, thankfully these hilly mansions don’t gobble up all of the precious real estate up there. Asian restaurant and bar, Yamashiro, has got one of the most spectacular views of all, and luckily they take reservations. Patrons will notice the awe inspiring views even as they drive up on the narrow road that divides the venue's gardens and the main area that resembles an enormous Japanese palace. With black, red, and gold accents defining this towering fortress, you truly feel like you've stepped onto a small square of Japan when you pull up (there's even an illuminated large golden Buddha at the center of the garden). And once inside, things get even better. There's a more private dining area with a little river circling tables in the center of the building that's perfect for celebratory dinners, but where this place really shines is everywhere else. The perimeter is flanked with huge windows that look out at all of Los Angeles. Stadium seating for the intimate tables usually housing dates or a couple close friends take advantage of this panoramic view of the town. While sipping on handcrafted cocktails and nibbling on some sushi you clearly can see all the way from Griffith Observatory to Downtown to the coast. Seeing all the tiny lights in the distance, people are truly free to experience the beauty of Los Angeles not as a set of separate yet interconnecting neighborhoods, but as a whole amazing city. The lights, the mood, everything about this sultry place has a hint of exotic romanticism, making it the perfect place to bring a date or visiting out of towners.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

Though not generally noted as one of Hollywood's iconic spots, the historic Yamashiro is definitely worthy of the title. Having been around for over 100 years, this super cool venue has been featured in movies since way back in the 1920's. So really try a


Your trusty Google Maps falls a little short when it comes to locating this hidden paradise in the hills. Though your GPS can point you in the right direction, you’ll have to keep on driving long after the electronic voice alerts you that you've reached your destination. Just follow the signs up the winding streets and don't stop until you see the valet.

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