Sometimes the West Coast needs a little Texas hospitality, and luckily The Outpost in Hollywood obliges.

Editorial Review

Among a throng of overly dressy restaurants and bars, the Outpost on Cahuenga Boulevard breathes new life into the Hollywood scene. This Texas style saloon will have you stomping your boots and singing along to the country tunes on the jukebox within minutes of entering their southern watering hole.

When you stride into the Outpost, you can almost hear the jingling of spurs over the just loud enough country music playing in the background. At the center of this Western spot is a worn in bar surrounded by creaky wooden bar stools being used by groups of friends out for the night, ready to do Hollywood a little differently. Steers' heads mounted all over the walls and other western-themed paraphernalia overlook patrons as they swap stories at turns at the electronic jukebox. Decked out in classic Wrangler jeans and baseballs caps, the bartenders keep the relaxed, down home vibe going as they pour you your choice of $5 shots and two for one liquor drinks. For those looking for some food to go with their liquid courage, there is a full menu of Texas style food to pick from. With corn fritters and even fried okra, they have enough to make even the pickiest southern gentleman happy. And if beer isn't your thing, you can wash it all down with a specialty cocktail that perfectly matches the atmosphere (like a Texas Tea, a Sweet Home Alabama, or a Tennessee Apple). There are also tons of flat screens to catch the big game and though there isn't a dance floor, you will often see people spontaneously succumb to the country or rock and roll and dance anyway. Oh, and there's a karaoke night as well which truly makes the Outpost the ideal spot to just relax, let your troubles go and indulge in a little southern comfort. If you're looking to let off some steam without all the pressure of the Hollywood scene, you won't be disappointed.

Interesting Facts

The creator of this little Western tavern is also the guy that brought Villa and Premier to Hollywood, but do not let that fool you. The Outpost is pure southern charm, which means you don't have to spend too much time rooting though your closet picking o


It is almost always a good time to go the Outpost, but the really smart patrons will make sure they stop by during happy hour. With a bevy of happy hours to choose from nearby, the Outpost sets themselves apart by making theirs last until 8:00pm and serving dollar tacos (which just happen to be delicious). Valet your car in this hip neighborhood and take advantage of their stellar happy hour deals.

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