Strap on your suspenders and prepare yourself for an uber cool evening at Los Feliz's trendy Harvard and Stone.

Harvard and Stone

5221 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

A proverbial den of hipster euphoria, Harvard and Stone is like a refurbished antique light bulb to the liberal bohemian moth. This spot is a veritable minefield for perfectly crafted Instagram shots of frothy drinks and trendy friends. Definitely put this on your Los Feliz bar bucket list.

Trendy, cool bar Harvard and Stone slides right in to the hipster haven neighborhood that is Los Feliz. Hollywood’s retro chic sister borough is teeming with venues that cater to one of the pickiest social groups in L.A. The small wooden sign above their unassuming door sets the tone for this subtly swanky lounge: retro, old school with just a pleasant dash of understated elitism. The place’s “we’re not trying too hard” vibe is exactly what gives it the air of underground coolness it attempts to portray. The yellow muted lighting inside the bar perfectly compliments the old stone accents and steampunk atmosphere. A heady mix of classic North Eastern charm and old timey Western saloon give Harvard and Stone the ultimate blend of hipster flare. Attracting the exact crowd you would expect from this type of ambiance, patrons will find themselves among a sea of mustached men flaunting suspenders, fedoras and cut off ironic t-shirts and women in floral dresses and army boots. Grab yourself a concoction from one of the mixologists (of course they wouldn't simply be bartenders here) and indulge in a pricy, but creative beverage as you watch one of their many live bands grace their small stage. Depending on the night, you might also be able to catch one of their famous burlesque shows (featuring all sorts of titillating performances from bandana-clad women shedding clothes reminiscent of Rosie the Riveter). The place’s small enclaves of couches are great for watching the show, but if they end up getting a little claustrophobic, you can always enjoy a clove cigarette in their narrow outdoor designated smoking area. If you and your twenty-something discerning crew are looking to have the ultimate Los Feliz experience, start at Harvard and Stone this weekend. This place is like the hipster starter kit, and it won’t disappoint if you’re in need of a round of high balls and a dose of good alternative music.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

Though known for their unique atmosphere, this place takes their mixed drinks seriously. Their bartenders have entered (and won) many a competition. So, make sure you appreciate each sip of their crafted cocktails.


Clubs aren't the only places with dress codes. As their own website urges, make sure you forego your “shiny shirts, shorts, sports gear, logos, flip flops, most hats and loud colors.” Only don your best muted earth tone rolled up khakis here.

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