Ye Olde Kings Head a British establishment in Santa Monica to go for a pint and some bangers and mash among friends.

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Ye Olde Kings Head is located right by the water and super close to the bustling noise of the promenade. They've got a couple of dartboards and some piping hot traditional British meals (like fish and chips).

Ye Olde Kings Head sits on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard, right before the famous road runs right into the ocean. Covered in forest green canopies and dotted with plashes of England's red white and blue colors, this gastropub has made a name for itself as a go-to British joint in Santa Monica. Founded over four decades ago, this spot has been luring in locals and tourists alike for going on half a century now. Once you step inside you'll immediately see why the restaurant/bar has been an ocean side mainstay for so many years. With dartboards, British flags, a smattering of images of old Guinness ads, English crests, and oil paintings of what look like chambermaids cluttering up the walls, the allure of the old school yet totally casual British way of life is undeniable. Friends and groups jockey for the best spots at the bar or cluster around small tables to enjoy some food and fun together (along with a pint of beer, of course). Split into different areas, it's easy to feel like your visiting a couple bars all while staying at the Kings Head. They've got an indoor bar area equipped with televisions for viewing sports, a full restaurant section adjacent to the bar area and an outdoor patio area. People post up out there, drinking and chatting for hours on end.

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Casual and convivial, this traditional British pub includes an outdoor patio, bakery, and a gift shop selling English treats. It's actually two bars in one - a big main bar and a smaller, more intimate “Bulldog Bar.”


Ye Olde Kings Head is nearly at the water, and sometimes driving all the way down to the edge of Santa Monica can be taxing. Avoid all the traffic and park a few blocks up at a garage. You’ll be able to walk there in less time than you would be able to drive those last few blocks.

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