It's time for you and your crew to get funky this weekend and enjoy an ice cold California beer from Hollywood's artsy neighborhood bar, District 13.

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Underneath a painting of a coolly aggressive retro looking pink haired lady smoking a cigarette, sits District 13. Right in the heart of the Cahuenga Corridor in Hollywood, this place oozes cool nonchalance. The walls are decked with funky art and the bar is stocked with awesome and original beers. That’s really all you can ask for out of a Hollywood favorite.

Los Angeles's Hollywood neighborhood is overflowing with places to pop into if you feel like keeping your work clothes on and going out for a traditional happy hour. But sometimes, you just need to leave your pointy heels or slacks at home in favor of your best black leather jacket. When you feel the deep urge to let your inner punk out, Hollywood’s still got you covered. You just have to venture over to District 13. Nestled on Cahuenga Boulevard just a few blocks from the raucous scene of Hollywood Boulevard, District 13 lets your soul’s punk and princess mix in harmony. The walls inside this large open space are decorated in cool Banksy-like spray paint murals of everyone from famous rappers to the actual bartenders there, giving the place an uber funky warehouse feel. Luckily, their happy hour is just as cool as their Downtown-like décor. They do the obligatory slashing of prices during their happy hour time, but what really sets District 13 apart from the rest of the Hollywood bars are their drink choices. Forget your standard Bud Light or Corona. You won’t find any of that at District 13. Discover instead, an awesome selection of 22 craft beers exclusively from California on tap, alongside 50 bottles of brew from all over the world. They also have some pretty tasty bites to go with your beer like sweet potato tots and a variety of sausages (including, of course, a bacon-wrapped L.A. Dog). With a pretty chill atmosphere (you won’t see anyone dancing or hanging from the rafters here), this is an excellent place to bring some buds for a beer. Cool music plays as people casually chat and munch on bar food, without getting too loud or too dull. While there are plenty of places with happy hours for every taste in Hollywood, this one is absolutely tailored to those evenings when you just need to relax, unwind and take in some delightfully weird spray paint murals with a group of friends. There is no better way to shirk off the weekly grind than by tasting an icy cold California beer at this hot spot in the Cahuenga Corridor.

  • Testing New Taps - If you come into District 13 and fall deeply in love with a beer they've got on tap, it's best to consider it a delicious one-night stand rather than a relationship with long term potential. Much like the Hollywood tourists that are on an ever-changing rotation, so are District 13's taps. In house, they've got 22 taps going at all times, with their brews being switched out constantly to make room for new and exciting flavors and varieties. In fact, they've taken to using nearly all of their walls as chalkboards to display the easily wiped away and rewritten beers of the week (or moment). As for what kinds of beers you'll encounter- they consistently showcase unique and obscure California micro brews, making this an excellent place to bring both California loyalists and tourists looking for a taste of the local beer culture. Their bottled brews and canned beers are little more consistent if you're looking for a more monogamous relationship with your beer. Bring a novice or an aficionado to District 13; no one will be disappointed.

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Aside from their rockin' bar fare, surprisingly, District 13 also has a pretty sweet brunch on the weekends. So, if you couldn't manage to make it out at night to see what this place is all about- you can always venture over there Saturday or Sunday morni


The owner and various artists whose work is featured in District 13 are often hanging out at the bar alongside patrons at this cool bar. It’s never a bad idea to strike up a conversation (maybe about how much the L.A. Dog rocks?) and chat with these cool dudes.

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