If you are feeling nostalgic for the bygone era of the 1930's, you don't have to buy a time machine, you just have to mosey on down to Oldfield's in Culver City.

Oldfields Liquor Room

10899 Venice Blvd
Culver City, CA 90034

Designed to feel like you're getting your drinks served to you from a time we only catch glimpses of in black and white photographs, Oldfield's on the Westside is the change of pace you've been looking for. With a casual outdoor patio with intimate seating, and perfectly crafted cocktails, this spot is torn right out of a Hemmingway novel. After soaking up this place's atmosphere, and sipping its delightfully infused drinks, you'll be ready to add it to your weekly bar rotation.

Oldfields Liquor Room

The pomp and fussiness of Los Angeles make it the desirable city that it is. But, sometimes you need to escape the fluorescent sheen of all things Tinsel Town and retreat to a place that honors the no-frills attitude of days since past. When you get that itch, there's no better place to withdraw to than Oldfield's on the Westside. Looking sort of like a repurposed doctor's office from the 1930's, this spot is all charm without any exhausting pretension. The white subway tile lining nearly every inch of this small venue harkens back to forgotten soda shops, while little details (like an ancient lever cash machine) only reinforce this carefree golden age mentality. Their bartenders often look the part, donning bowties, aprons and even newsboy caps. Though these items might look like elements of a hipster starter kit in any other setting, at Oldfield's they simply look era appropriate. Above their curved wooden bar and matching flat-topped wooden stools, there are a couple shelves that add to the already intriguing aesthetic. Mismatched knick-knacks paint a piecemeal image of the generation they honor. A wicker picnic basket, and an oversized milk jug let you know that you've stepped into a place out of time. And they've got the drinks to back it up. This liquor room has got all manner of hard drinks that will please even the pickiest of people (like, say, the Oldfield's Hemmingway, which is a favorite among regulars). If it reminds you and your friends a bit of a less Southern version of Hollywood's Sassafras, it's likely because the owners of Oldfield's also happen to own that breezy bar as well. Due to its alluring vibe, Oldfield's attracts all sorts of patrons, though most tend to be in their 20's to late 30's. This isn't a place to get rowdy on a Friday night, this is a place to rehash the work week with friends, or to sit outside on their patio and get to know your date at a table for two.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

According to Oldfield's, the man this spot was named after is one incredible dude. A racer of all things with wheels, this guy is credited with being the first man to ever drive a car at 60mph… in a circle. Whether you believe it or not, it's still some


If you are looking for an enduring happy hour bar, then this is the place for you. Unlike so many other joints that cut off their happiness at 7, or even 6pm, Oldfield's keeps it going until 9pm. So, even if it took you a couple hours after work to get motivated to get back out there and have a drink, Oldfield's has got your back (and your favorite Old Fashioned).

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