Hotel Cafe


Neither a hotel nor a cafe, this little gem stands out among the Hollywood powerhouse clubs because it doesn't stand out much at all. It's a little place that attracts some of the biggest KCRW-types.
Hotel Cafe

Hotel Cafe

1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

It's a little walk down the alley, then a back entrance, so you're not quite sure you're in the right place until you walk in. The place is all-out dark, so much so that on a bright evening you'll need time to adjust your eyes. It's best to get there early to grab a table so you don't spend so much time bumping into people you can't see. All the lights are focused on the small stage, which can hold no more than a drum set and a couple amps. The genius behind Hotel Cafe is that for any truly talented musician, you just don't need that much extraneous stuff like fancy lights, or a big stage. The musicians just take the stage in this fairly bare-bones place, and let the magic happen. The acoustics are incredible, bordering on too loud, are designed to let you hear every single note, every intonation crystal clear. If you're looking for a Hollywood live music venue without the typical Hollywood crowd, Hotel Cafe is your place. Just be sure to get there early and take off your Hollywood sunglasses before entering.

Written By Darianne Doobie

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