If you are feeling nostalgic for the hospitality of the deep South circa 1920, Sassafras is more than ready to fill the void for Hollywood residents.


1233 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Forget Old Hollywood. Sassafras effectively brings the old South back to the L.A. area with live bands, banjo-style music, hand crafted mixed drinks and 1920's/1930's New Orleans style venue that just can't be beat. Anybody that visits this spot off of Vine and Fountain will immediately fall under its Southern spell.

If you feel like traveling both to the deep South, and back in time, then you need to hit up Sassafras this weekend. This Hollywood saloon is by far the coolest theme bar in the area. Designed to give off a New Orleans in the Prohibition Era vibe, this place it pulls off flawlessly. Even before you walk into this Southern haven, the rickety old red sign out front of the establishment gives you the sense that you are about to step into a different world. When you pry open the giant wooden doors and walk inside, you are immediately transported into a 1920's underground whiskey bar. With this outside/inside bar, there is grey moss lazily hanging from the ceiling, overseeing perfectly mismatched shabby antique chairs and small tables. If you get their early (say, for happy hours) you will want to take advantage of the old couches crowding around their burning fireplaces, perfect for intimate chats whispered among friends over delicious cocktails. With a separate room off the bar that looks almost like the outside of an old hotel building (with windows and everything), and two distinct chatting areas near the entrance, Sassafras makes you feels like you are enjoying your bourbon both inside and outside on a warm Southern night down by the bayou. Adding to their already seriously cool atmosphere is the actual bar itself. Plunk down at a spot on one of their coveted barstools and you can watch different liquors (that look like they were made in somebody's basement) roll by hanging from a repurposed dry cleaning rack while you snack on free fresh hardboiled eggs (instead of peanuts) with tobacco sauce. Filled with people of all ages (over 21), Sassafras's Cajun style menu and uber cool atmosphere tends to draw in crowds of people looking to have a relaxed breezy kind of night.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

Adding to the already awesome atmosphere, Sassafras also trots out live bands to do shows for their patrons. Posted up on a balcony overlooking the entire bar, these groups add a whole other level of authenticity and interest to the night. This is an exce


If you and your friends go later in the evening, expect this place to pack to the brim with hipsters in suspenders and characters from all over Los Angeles trying to get a taste of Southern comfort. The crowd is fun, but it's best to go early though, to really take in all of the awesome details and character of this place (but count on falling in love with this spot and staying late too).

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