Have a fancy cocktail, some deconstructed nachos, and a great time at St Felix in Hollywood.

Editorial Review

St Felix has pretty much everything you want in a hip Hollywood bar. The atmosphere is slightly fancy but still completely chill and cozy. The food is levels above standard bar fare and the mixed drinks are inventive and awfully tasty.

There certainly is not a shortage of swanky places to grab a mixed drink in Hollywood. Finding a spot like this that also has banging food, decent prices and a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere is another story. This is the extreme advantage that St. Felix brings to the hopping Hollywood bar scene. Sure, their specialty cocktails are on par with the best of the best in Hollywood, but they don't make a big stink out of calling their bartenders mixologists, which is exceedingly refreshing (like their drinks). The vibe at St. Felix is a tad swanky while still being able to keep the atmosphere comfortable and hassle-free. With brick walls, dark colored furniture and just enough light to make the whole place seem like it has a sepia filter on it, the ambiance is excellent for whispering sweet nothings to a date. Their small intimate tables are also ideal for catching up with friends with a mixed drink (often served in a trendy mason jar) or over a bowl of amazing gourmet mac and cheese or sliders. The crowd in this posh industrial space is a nice mix of singles and couples all within the standard 20-30’s age range. One of the walls is made up entirely of windows, which is a nice touch- perfect for people watching the characters from Hollywood Boulevard. The bar food is delicious, the venue is spacious, and the music is just as upbeat and fun as the people conversing and drinking inside. This should quickly become a happy hour staple for those in the area.

Interesting Facts

Most people walk into St Felix, see the awesome swanky bar area and set up shop for the night right away. But, if you push past the allure of the front of the room, you will find yourself in a pretty cool outdoor area. Take advantage. They have string lig


There are a lot of casual places to eat and drink on Cahuenga Boulevard, and though you can get away with a casual outfit at St. Felix, you will probably feel a bit more comfortable if you kick it up a notch. You don’t need to wear heels necessarily, but you might want to leave your rip t-shirts at home.

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