Culver City's retro City Tavern is just classy and old school enough to make you feel like this could have also been Thomas Jefferson's favorite pub to stumble into for a cold brew.

City Tavern

9739 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Great for bar hopping or for grabbing a booth and a burger and staying a while, Culver City's City Tavern is the ideal spot to go with a group of friends. Their table tap booths truly set them apart from all other L.A. bars, their super cool retro chic style drives home the venue's status as a hip joint you'll want to frequent.

With Edison light bulbs draped from the ceiling illuminating intriguing concoctions scrawled on large chalkboards, Culver City's City Tavern would pique the interest of even the most jaded Angeleno. Created to look a bit rough and tumble (hearkening back to America's good old days), this place takes the design sensibility of the Revolutionary Era and polishes it with the rag of Los Angeles dreams and sophistication. Rustic elements like tin bar stools, worn wooden planks and rust-red brick walls give the City Tavern an air of retro refinement. The panache and uniqueness extends beyond their décor and into their menu as they serve up inspired dishes like fried brussels sprouts with jalapeno jam, and bourbon bread pudding. There's only one way to wash down those kind of dishes - with a cold craft beer that comes to you in one of their classically adorable 32 oz. milk jugs (because mason jars are so 2013). Groups of friends and even the occasional couple on a date start to trickle in and fill City Tavern up as soon as happy hour hits, so the earlier you arrive, the better chance you have at scoring a table. The more adventurous groups definitely like to take advantage of the tavern's table tap booths which come with their own taps right at the table, letting you refill at your leisure without having to wait for service. The convenience is always appreciated, but the table taps themselves are pretty cool, just itching to be Instagrammed. But, if you prefer a little fresh air, there is always the outdoor patio where people congregate over garlic fries and cold beer to rehash the week with friends. Among all the other contrived bars in the area, City Tavern stands out as a no-nonsense spot to relax, hang out and just enjoy a brew.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

If you've been to Rush Street in Culver City, then you will know what kind of vibe the guys that made City Tavern are going for (since they created both places). They may be kicking it old school, but they're slowly taking over the town with their relaxed


City Tavern's table tap booths are usually in high demand, especially on game days. So if you and your crew are planning on taking advantage of the blissful convenience that is pouring your own pints, it is highly advised that you ensure your spot at an idyllic booth by reserving one before you go. You don't want to get stuck at the main bar like the rest of the peasants.

Drinks List

Old School Cool Brews

Petty much every bar in town can serve you a cold beer. But only City Tavern makes sure that your cold beer comes with a little old school coolness. Keeping it ultra hip and funky, this downtown Culver City bar makes sure that presentation and show count for something when it comes to your favorite brews. If you ask for a tap beer (which have subtly hip names all their own like Opal, Betty, and The Patsy), odds are you'll get it brought to you in a loveably retro milk jug. Frothy hops always taste better when they come out of a repurposed and cleverly fashionable vessel. Their beer claim to fame, though, is really their Table Taps. You and your crew can nuzzle into a private booth where you'll be able to pour your own bevies, indulging in craft beers whenever you want them without all the hassle of a bartender.

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