The Powder Room


The Powder Room has everything Hollywood patrons are looking for- it's brand new, it's exclusive, and it's mysteriously hard to find.

The Powder Room

1606 N Cahuenga Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Editorial Review

Filled with an intimate crowd of locals, the Powder Room is perfect for grabbing after work drinks when you want to discuss something sensitive, or when you feel like you need to dish some secrets to a friend. Also great for impressing a date with your superior knowledge of new hip Hollywood hot spots.

Though completely new to the scene, the Powder Room is following in a grand tradition of Hollywood bar life. Just like the greats that have come before them, the Powder Room has added an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to their venue by being completely and utterly hard to find. Sandwiched in between places that command far greater attention, this place has absolutely no sign or anything outside letting you know you are anywhere near it. A small, ultra thin glass door is your only portal into this exclusive and super cool venue (though there is a giant glass wall that looks out onto Cahuenga, they keep the shade drawn during the day so passersby will have no idea what lurks behind it). Once you find this spot and make your way inside, you will be rewarded with an ultra hip, funky place. Illuminated by muted pink lights, the bar is stocked with all kinds of delicious goodies that the bartenders (or mixologists if you're feeling haughty) use to create custom drinks and awesome spiked milkshakes. There's even a sliding ladder that they use to grab that out of reach top shelf stuff. A giant curved ceiling made out of dark wooden planks makes you feel like you're in a weirdly cool futuristic ship (with one other wall dedicated to projecting strange images from 80's movies/commercials). But the awesome strangeness doesn't end there. The Powder Room is host to something known as The Velvet Goldmine. This $500 concoction (that wasn't a typo, it really is $500) is made up of all sorts of liquors and ice creams, rounding out its indulgence with edible gold flakes and a Swarovski Crystal Nirvana ring (which they generously say "is yours to take home"). If you choose to shell out the dough for this rich luxury, your enjoyment won't end when you wipe the chocolate fudge and gold off your mouth. Along with your sizeable tab, you also get to belong to The Velvet Goldmine club, which means you get invited to exclusive parties hosted by the Powder Room where the only invitees are others that have eaten out of their Waterford Crystal goblets. Even if you never find the courage or desire to indulge in the Velvet Goldmine, you and your crew can still expect to have a stellar time at this place.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

The Powder Room is not only associated with their neighbor, St. Felix, they also share a walkway. This connective hallway allows you to move back and forth between the two venues, giving patrons the chance to change vibes whenever they see fit.


If you walk too quickly or happen to blink for a second (or are distracted by something shiny), you will probably miss this bar. Don't bother looking for a sign (there isn't one), just look for other markers on Cahuenga Blvd. that will help you find this little venue. Find St. Felix, and you will find The Powder Room right next door (to the left). It may take some looking, but we promise your searching will pay off.

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