Find a little bit of everything at this multi-room sports lounge: ping pong, darts, pool, bingo, dancing and of course - several huge flat-screen TVs. It's a top-ranked sports bar with elevated pub cuisine and weekend brunch specials.

Editorial Review

Along with all the standard stuff, Busby's West has got a little bit of their own magic that pushes this place from a great sports bar to the ultimate sports spot. One of the biggest things going for Busby’s its size. Huge bar means tons of seating, tons of television viewing spots and just enough room for all your closest and not so close friends to gather for the game. Good food, good beer, and good times await you at Busby's West.

There are lots of sports bars scattered around L.A., but Busby's West might just edge them all out for the top spot. Driving by from the outside, Busby’s seems like any other sports bar, but once inside you can immediately see all the perks that this place has going for it. Busby’s West is seriously huge. With a tangle of connected rooms, all with their own purpose, this restaurant/bar has tons of different options, no matter what kind of night you might want to have. They’ve got an outdoor patio that’s usually cluttered with exiled smokers chatting away with others enjoying the Westside’s signature salty breeze. The first thing you'll see once you enter Busby's proper is a large bar area with broken in leather couches filled with co-ed groups of sports fans sharing some chicken wings and watching the game on one of their televisions (of which there are a lot to choose from). The room off of the main room boasts a bunch of multi-colored couches that are perfect for lounging with a few friends and conversing over a pint of cold beer. If sitting still and talking isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. In another adjacent room there is what can only be described as an arcade. With a slew of awesome retro games (think skee-ball and pinball), you will have some serious trouble being bored at Busby’s. They’ve also got a pool table (two actually), a ping-pong setup, foosball, and darts. This makes it supremely easy to create your own big game if you’re not into the one being broadcast on all their flat screens. With all the distracting games, this sports bar is also a pretty good place to bring a first date. Rather than just exchange awkward sideways glances and nervous laughter over nachos, your possible lover can get up and flirt over a game of pool, or challenge each other to a best-of series of ping-pong. This is an excellent way to break the ice and truly have a good time getting to know a stranger. Whatever you’re into, Busby’s West is big enough to accommodate even the largest of expectations. - Darianne Dobbie

Interesting Facts

Wondering how all those grueling hours of hazing (er, we mean "brotherly bonding") could possibly be worth it? Busby's offers free round trip rides from Westwood, Greek Row to their bar, 9pm to 2am on Friday nights. Finally, some perks to being a frat boy


Though people usually think of Mexican restaurants when it comes to Taco Tuesday, Busby's West actually has an awesome one. They’ve got banging tacos for only a buck a piece on Tuesday nights. So, make sure you and your crew foregoes your usual Tuesday night choice and tries Busby’s out this week.

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