Rusty's Surf Ranch

Santa Monica

With a prime location right on the Santa Monica Pier, this casual beach bar and grill is a top destination for fresh seafood and classic pub grub. Surfboards decorate the laid-back space, and live bands perform on the weekends.

Rusty's Surf Ranch

256 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401

You really can't get any closer to the Pacific Ocean than the sparkly Santa Monica Pier, and there's no better place to enjoy this year round sunny carnival than Rusty's Surf Ranch. Right in the thick of things on the Pier, this restaurant and bar makes for an excellent place to take shelter from the sun's rays while enjoying some icy cold beer and some crispy French fries. Surrounded by surf decor, you'll feel right at home just off the beach.

The Santa Monica Pier is home to all sorts of wacky beach wonders, and Rusty's Surf Ranch is no exception. This ocean-side oasis sits directly atop the creaky old patchwork of wooden slabs that make up the famous pier. Rusty's Surf Ranch is everything you would expect and hope for out of a place on the pier. Uber casual, often welcoming in ladies with their bikini straps poking out from their tank tops and men in their board shorts, this spot is the definition of a beachside restaurant and bar. Tracking in sand with their flip flops, patrons that enter this place filled with 70's style knotted wood accents will immediately notice tons of surfboards suspended from the ceiling. Right away this establishes the venue as a relaxed joint, prime for escaping the hot sun and chatting about the waves you caught that day with your buddies. Brimming with Southern California cultural influences, Rusty's is the ultimate mix of eccentricity and a stress-free vibe. On the walls you'll find signed posters of surfer movies like Blue Crush and The Endless Summer and even a metallic green marlin streaked with painted orange flames. Above rows of hi top tables and a few smatterings of tables that can accommodate parties larger than two, there's a giant red neon sign that burns the phrase "Good Eats." This sums up the no fuss no frills attitude that Rusty's embodies. This place is exactly what it sets out to be- the perfect spot to order up some food and down some beers without straying too far from the beach right outside its doors. The beachside location makes it a definite favorite for both locals and tourists, but Rusty's also has a lot to offer once the sun goes down. Hosting bands and serving up pina coladas in festive coconuts, Rusty's certainly keeps the party going after the sunset. With the perfect location, and the ideal breezy atmosphere, Rusty's is sure to be a summer favorite.

Written By Darianne Doobie

Interesting Facts

Having been a part of the Santa Monica Pier for over a decade now, Rusty's Surf Ranch truly lives up to its name, wrangling in surfers all day and night. Just like cattle, surfers and beach enthusiasts cant help but let themselves be herded into this beac


During the summer on Thursday nights, Santa Monica hosts Twilight Concerts right off the pier. Tons of people come to listen to the awesome tunes at this free concert. Rusty's Surf Ranch has a back patio that is directly across from the main stage. This is an excellent spot to post up and enjoy one of these breeze musical nights.

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