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Joxer Daly's Irish Pub

Even if you're not that into The Big Game, Joxer Daly's sporty Irish Pub will have you cheering- if not for your team, then at least for the awesome plate of nachos in front of you.

Seemingly dreamed up from the mind of a diehard Irish sports fan, Joxer Daly's is the zenith of sports fandom in Culver City. Decorated in team flags, knick-knacks and the occasional Guinness sign, this spot draws in fans and neighborhood locals like moths to a flame. Joxer Daly's is a haven for patrons thirsty for a cold pint and some good times with friends around the pool table.


11168 West Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

Venue Category

Irish pub in Culver City

With all the niche establishments cropping up all over L.A. with their specialty cocktails and in-house mixologists, it's refreshing to find a place that knows how to serve up a thick pint of Guinness and some fresh buffalo chicken wings without all the fuss. Joxer Daly's Irish pub/sports bar is the pinnacle of traditional neighborhood atmosphere. Outside they've got their version of a white picket fence (it's red) walling in patrons that want to catch some of those cool night breezes the Westside is famous for while they sip on a pint or indulge in a smoke at one of their small tables. Inside, this place is decorated wall to wall with eclectic oddities and veritable shrines to safety enforcers- you'll see tons of badges from police officers and firemen proudly hung up around their large bar area. Amid festive colored lights and team memorabilia (you'll run into a lot of Redskins garb), you will even find a stout, but pleased looking, life size statue of a fireman- hose in hand- standing guard over the bartenders and the taps they're lovingly tending to. Once you've taken in all the little knick-knacks collected over their years posted up in Culver City, you and your friends can rack up some balls and play a game of your own at their pool table. But don't worry; you'll be able to see whatever sport of the season is on from anywhere in Joxer Daly's. They have extra large TV's all over, along with one especially giant one in the center. They also have karaoke, dancing, and live music to suit almost anyone's fancy. If it's entertaining you want, and a relaxed environment you need, then Joxer Daly's is you and your crew's new neighborhood staple.

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If you're into football (of any flavor), this place is the one for you. They open early to catch all the premier European football games (or soccer if you want to get all USA about it), and they are known to have a devout Redskins following that crowds up

Wise locals know that this spot has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to being bored at the pub, and they don't just talk the talk. If a bartender catches you yawning, they have been known to sound the alarm (literally) and force you to take a shot of liquor to wake back up. If you want to cover your ass, make sure you cover your mouth. Never let them catch you catching some z's.

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