The Rusty Mullet scores big for sports fans.

Editorial Review

If you and your buddies need somewhere to watch the game, look no further. The Rusty Mullet is the place to be. With a seriously impressive number of brand new televisions everyone is sure to have an excellent view of the action. Beer, food and sports. Enough said.

One thing Hollywood desperately needed was a classic good ol' fashioned sports bar. Thankfully, the Rusty Mullet has kindly obliged. This place has pretty much everything a sports fan dreams of in a venue. Walking in to this breezy place on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard lined with giant open air windows, you will see a mass of small high top tables surrounded by timeless plastic Budweiser bar stools. The walls that aren't taken over by the huge windows are cheerily painted with graffiti-like images of busty women in American flag bikinis. The redneck-esque artwork combined with the sections of tin roof and colored Christmas lights hanging from the high ceilings (not to mention the name of the bar itself) is just about as American as something can get. Which makes for an excellent atmosphere for watching sports games, which is what just about everyone is there to do. 20 and 30 come here donning their favorite teams' jerseys to catch whatever game might happen to be on. With over 25 enormous flat screen TVs, there just isn't a bad seat in the house. And of course there are tons of libations and munchies to indulge in. Rusty Mullet has an awesome menu chock full of everything from wings (obviously) to pulled pork sandwiches and even a PB&J sundae. Their happy hour pretty much knocks it out of the park with a buy 1 get one for 1 dollar deal on bottles of beer (this deal is emblazoned above their bar in red spray paint so you know it's here to stay). Football (or baseball or whatever) fans really can’t ask for more.

Interesting Facts

Their slogan is "Fun times in your backyard." And if you live in Hollywood this statement is pretty spot on. The Rusty Mullet is definitely everything you have been looking for in your new favorite neighborhood sports bar. So yeah, good backyard times ind


The Rusty Mullet is deep into some prime real estate on Hollywood Boulevard. So, just go ahead and forget about finding a good parking spot. Avoid the tourist trap of getting stuck in traffic circling hoping to find somewhere to park. Just use a paid parking lot nearby. You’ll be much happier.

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