Los Angeles Karaoke Bars:

#1 - Boardwalk 11

Boardwalk 11 is a bit of a swanky place in terms of karaoke bars, but if you end up staying long enough on any given night, Boardwalk 11 unfolds itself to be a rollicking Los Angeles karaoke bar. This place tends to draw people in "the business' - Craig Robinson from The Office used to frequent the bar, as well as an old-school crooner who sang with some pretty big names in his day, going by the name of Artie. The KJ has stuck the perfect balance between too much involvement and not enough - he always starts the night off, and occasionally will jump onstage if the night is particularly slow. The great thing about their system is that they're exceedingly fair to everyone. Bribes and talent hold no water here. They've got one of the biggest song selections in town, the bartenders are extremely generous, and the waitresses treat you like regulars no matter if it's your first time or your hundredth time. Located in a strip mall, it's good anytime of the week - better on the slow nights (Sunday - Wednesday) if you like to hear yourself sing, Thursdays - Saturdays are good if you like to hear tone-deaf, drunk stranger sing Journey as if they were possessed by Steve Perry.

Boardwalk 11

10433 National Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90230

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