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Best LA Sports Bars for Watching Superbowl 50 in Los Angeles

Superbowl Sunday is upon us, and the Denver Broncos prepare to battle the Carolina Panthers for ultimate NFL glory. Discover all the best sports bars for watching the big game in LA.


Los Angeles Rock Clubs in the Valley

Nestled against the heaving mass of Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley has some interesting rock venues if you know where to look. Explore the rock clubs in the Valley.


Santa Monica's Top 5 Most Unique Bars

Santa Monica has more to offer than just beach bars -- these Top 5 unique venues prove it.


Where To Get Lucky This St. Patrick's Day

These Top 5 bars for St. Patty's Day are so awesome they're like finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Culver City's Craftiest Cocktail Bars

Culver City is home to some amazing hidden gems when it comes to the coolest cocktail bars around, our top 5 list might just help you find these tucked away hot spots.


5 Places with an Amazing View of L.A.

You haven't truly seen Los Angeles until you've seen it from the tops of these amazing venues.


5 Hollywood Venues To Cozy Up With A Date

Sure L.A.'s Hollywood neighborhood is known for its glamour, but it’s also got romantic side- these 5 venues prove it.


10 Beach Bars You'll Want To Wade Into

A great relaxed atmosphere, a super fun and chill vibe, and an amazing location to boot. Some places just have it all. Places like these 10 bars by the beach.


Best Bars To Watch The World Cup In L.A.

Almost everyone on planet Earth can find somewhere to see the World Cup this summer, but L.A. is home to the absolute best venues to watch the athletic drama unfold.


Summer Pool Parties in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city made for pool parties, with gorgeous weather and sunny skies year-round plus an abundance of beautiful people dying to see and be seen. Hit up some of the top pool parties this summer for rooftop views, drink specials, live music and carefree crowds celebrating the good life.


Night Clubs - Hip-Hop Soul

Many "Golden Era" purists still enjoy hitting the streets to relive or recapture those moments that defined their young adult years. They crave a mature environment yet with the twist of grooving, shouting, jumping, and grinding to the music they enjoyed. Believe it or not, amongst all the velvet ropes, form-fitting dresses, and skinny jeans, there is a scene in LA for those aforementioned purists or "Golden Era" lovers.


5 Hangouts in Downtown Los Angeles

Whether you want to hang out with friends, have fun on the dance floor or head to the bar for a drink, these five hangouts in downtown Los Angeles include bars and clubs that offer unique atmospheres, trendy environments and delicious food and drink specials for the savvy nightlife scenester.


Los Angeles Wine Bars

Getting tired of the musty old bar smell of your corner pub? Head on down to your local wine bar. A little classier, a little more upscale, Los Angeles wine bars are popping up in every neighborhood and make for great date nights. Wine bars take their wines very seriously and usually love to share their knowledge with you. Check out our picks for Los Angeles wine bars, and start exploring the almighty grape!


Los Angeles Dive Bars

We're paying homage to the kings of all bars, the bars who are there for you through all your celebrations, your tears, your triumphs, and your failures. That's right, hail to the almighty dive bar. We present to you the dingiest, darkest, dirtiest, most diviest of all dive bars, in all their resplendent glory. Read on to find the best Los Angeles dive bars!


Los Angeles Karaoke Bars

Sometimes, you just want people to see how awesome you are and/or make a fool of yourself after downing a few beers. That's why karaoke was invented! If you're tired of singing in your car to the radio, take that emerging talent and showcase it on the stage where stars are made and dreams are launched: the nearest Los Angeles karaoke bar.


Irish Pubs in Los Angeles

If you go anywhere in the world, you'll find an Irish pub, and Los Angeles is no exception. Los Angeles and its surrounding areas have some of the best Irish pubs that can really make the lads and lasses feel like they're in the Emerald Land. From Guinness on tap to Jameson by the gallon, you're bound to drink like an Irishman here!


Los Angeles Dance Clubs

Los Angeles's dance clubs can be a mixed bag - The greatest thing is the diversity, and any given night you can most likely find a dance club that suits your whim. Check out our list of the greatest dance parties in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles Live Music Venues

Los Angeles is one of the cities known for its music, right up there with Memphis, Austin, and New Orleans. While there's no particular style that reigns supreme here in the Los Angeles clubs, you're sure to find a venue that suits your style and plays the kind of music that will get your booty shaking!

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