Where To Get Lucky This St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day in Los Angeles is a bit like a springtime Halloween (except everyone wears the same costume of green and glitter). With so many Irish pubs and bars in town, picking the best one to post up at can be a pretty difficult choice. Those that have weathered the St. Patty's Day storm know a few things about making sure you celebrate the day the right way. The main thing is to pick a place you'll like spending all day at and go early. To avoid long lines and complacency its crucial that you choose your pub wisely. To help you make the right decision and make the most of this wonderful day of green beer and gold glitter, we've dialed in the Top 5 best bars for this year's St. Patty's Day. You and your crew won't go wrong by settling in at one of this joints for the happiest day in March. - Darianne Doobie