Los Angeles Wine Bars

Getting tired of the musty old bar smell of your corner pub? Head on down to your local wine bar. A little classier, a little more upscale, Los Angeles wine bars are popping up in every neighborhood and make for great date nights. Wine bars take their wines very seriously and usually love to share their knowledge with you. Check out our picks for Los Angeles wine bars, and start exploring the almighty grape!

If you're looking for an easy, relaxed, and elegant night out on the town, head to any one of the fine Los Angeles wine bars. You'll be greeted with much more ambiance than your typical neighborhood bar, staff that cares about wine and is eager to share their knowledge, and some of the finest wines this side of Europe. California is the leading wine-producing region of North America, so take advantage of your home state abundance, sit back with good friends, and sip the wealth of the land. Check out LA Nightlife's five Los Angeles wine bar picks, and let us know if you've discovered others!