Culver City's Craftiest Cocktail Bars:

#1 - Blind Barber

Some bars claim "speakeasy" status by being hidden away down a dark pathway or by channeling that old school retro vibe. The Blind Barber earns its title the old fashioned way- by truly inhabiting everything that a speakeasy used to be. During the Prohibition Era, speakeasies were tucked behind false doors in other more reputable establishments. Just like its predecessors, the Blind Barber puts on a mask for the public. During the day, this place is just another unassuming barbershop in Culver City offering up trims and fades to customers. Plain white walls and a bit of retro d├ęcor don't really do much to make this place stand out, but that's all right because staying off the radar is exactly the appeal for this place. After hours, this spot turns into an amazing cocktail lounge, but only if you can find it. Take the journey past the business in the front, through what looks like a closet door (with coats hung on it), and down a long hallway and you'll come upon the Blind Barber's back bar area. There you'll enter a haven for cocktail lovers. Filled with gold light from their antique light bulbs, you'll see black and white checkerboard flooring, red tin chairs and dark leather booths. Though you'd never know it from the outside, there is a large dance floor that houses crowds of people grooving to the DJ's tunes and enjoying their creative list of cocktails, like the Batman (created from Damrak gin, St. Germain, Peychauds bitters, and a splash of lemon and mint). Adding to their mystique is their ever-changing list of seasonal cocktails. Step through the closet door and you're truly stepping back in time. Make a reservation, go early, or expect to wait in a long line (and potentially not get in).

Blind Barber

10797 W Washington Blvd

Culver City, CA 90232

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