5 Hollywood Venues To Cozy Up With A Date:

#1 - The Parlour Room

From the outside you'd never know that what was behind the Parlour Room door. With a modern jukebox and a super cool outdoor area filled with couches and an old brick fireplace, the Parlour Room is the perfect spot for locals to grab a drink after work or to show off your knowledge of hip bars to a first date.

Lovingly nestled in between a run down liquor store and a Panda Express, at first glance, the Parlour Room seems like the exact opposite of an ideal romantic spot. But don’t let the exterior fool you. What waits behind their nondescript wooden door and tiny neon red “cocktails” sign is romance at its finest. This bar is dressed up just how you hope your date will be- subtly sexy without trying too hard. Among their expertly chosen old-fashioned décor, you’ll find other couples colluding over a handcrafted cocktail. These patrons are generally sporting a mix of casual chic duds (think suspenders and cool flats). Hanging overhead are mini gold chandeliers that have just the right amount of antique charm, making them seem effortlessly fashionable, while a modern jukebox adds some ambiance with cool breezy tunes. Though you’ll definitely see patrons cloistered up with their significant other around small tables by the bar, beyond the main area is the ultimate place to really get cozy with your date. There a door leads to the Parlour Room’s large open-air outdoor area where people are gathered around an all brick fireplace. This roaring fire is an ideal excuse to get a little closer to your date. With the cool SoCal evening breezes blowing in, a glass of wine in hand and the heat of the flames, there’s no better place in Hollywood to get to know someone, or lean in for that first kiss.

The Parlour Room

6423 Yucca St

Hollywood, CA 90028

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